John and Jermaine the Movie.

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About themysticalunicorn

Hello I'm Daniel Geen- feel like i'm in a alcohol awareness, I love Music: YouMeAtSix, Slipknot! Hoping to be the next Jenna Marbles, I have strange obsessions for example: nuns and unicorns, I hate acronyms except IDEK, OMG and LOL because they get the party going, animal lover hopefully getting a dog i've asked my parents for 9 years now they will CRACK! If you bother to read my blogs just so you know 'mahh mahh' is my unicorn noise. Furthermore correct my grammar and you'll rue it. Bye.
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2 Responses to John and Jermaine the Movie.

  1. This is FAN…tastic. You have a great imagination that is probably why you like nuns and unicorns…they’re both make believe. screw grammmer who needs it nobody ever died without it you’ll figure it out when you need to all by yourself the best way in the world
    I’m impatient writing this because I can’t wait to see your next movie!

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