Next Week..

So anyone that enjoys my videos, we will be putting 3 videos on next week! I will post the videos as soon as they are on YouTube on here. Please if you haven’t or even if you have please watch and SHARE them. Thanks! 🙂


About themysticalunicorn

Hello I'm Daniel Geen- feel like i'm in a alcohol awareness, I love Music: YouMeAtSix, Slipknot! Hoping to be the next Jenna Marbles, I have strange obsessions for example: nuns and unicorns, I hate acronyms except IDEK, OMG and LOL because they get the party going, animal lover hopefully getting a dog i've asked my parents for 9 years now they will CRACK! If you bother to read my blogs just so you know 'mahh mahh' is my unicorn noise. Furthermore correct my grammar and you'll rue it. Bye.
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2 Responses to Next Week..

  1. mindwarpfx says:

    Like it, and like it more. I would use the word, or over use the word ” like ” on your work / blog. But then it would look like Thats the only word my fingers can type. That may explain my lack of useing ATM’s at all costs. Now people who realy know me will just sit back and LOL. But WTF. It is funny, for everyone else. All the best.
    Oh ya! What about PS?
    PS. Thanks for your follow of my blog as well. will do the same. Cheers

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