Well today has been a good day for my blogging-confidence, 1. got past my 2 followers and has 45 views on my blog today making it the most view ever in the history of my blog! EXCITED!Image


About themysticalunicorn

Hello I'm Daniel Geen- feel like i'm in a alcohol awareness, I love Music: YouMeAtSix, Slipknot! Hoping to be the next Jenna Marbles, I have strange obsessions for example: nuns and unicorns, I hate acronyms except IDEK, OMG and LOL because they get the party going, animal lover hopefully getting a dog i've asked my parents for 9 years now they will CRACK! If you bother to read my blogs just so you know 'mahh mahh' is my unicorn noise. Furthermore correct my grammar and you'll rue it. Bye.
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3 Responses to Woo!

  1. Just keep on writing and making those videos! Hilarious bloopers video, by the way. I won’t pretend like I’ve never eaten chocolate off the kitchen table before. It’s still good!

  2. sandrabranum says:

    Woo to you too! I want to watch your videos; they sound hilarous. I’ll have to wait until I get somewhere with a broadband connection. Out here in the Boonies I only have dialup. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. You might want to consider creating other catagories for your work. I started getting more followers once I stopped using “Uncatagorized.” Catch ya later Mr. Mystical.

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