My questionable interests..

Mmmm well I am not sure how people will think of me after posting this but I have the strangest and nerdiest interests. 1. I have a love for unicorns and have done for about a year but it went to a whole new level after I started watching my little pony, it was introduced to me by a boy in my year, so I am not the only freak. 2. I have always had a secret love with Pokémon, but lately it has been a lot stronger I’ve been close to buying Pokémon T-shirts… 3. I have a love for nuns and I also have a nun costume but I’m proud of my nun costume. I suppose I’m just a freak. YEY!


About themysticalunicorn

Hello I'm Daniel Geen- feel like i'm in a alcohol awareness, I love Music: YouMeAtSix, Slipknot! Hoping to be the next Jenna Marbles, I have strange obsessions for example: nuns and unicorns, I hate acronyms except IDEK, OMG and LOL because they get the party going, animal lover hopefully getting a dog i've asked my parents for 9 years now they will CRACK! If you bother to read my blogs just so you know 'mahh mahh' is my unicorn noise. Furthermore correct my grammar and you'll rue it. Bye.
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15 Responses to My questionable interests..

  1. Mz. Bambi says:

    It’s your prerogative. As long as no one’s safety is in jeopardy, why should it matter.

  2. You’re not a freak. You’re an individual in connection with who you are, and unembarrassed by being your own person. Nothing freakish about that.

    thank you for visiting and subscribing to Middle Aged Plague.

  3. i promised my son when he was 5, I’d get him a puppy the year he turned 12, an age I thought he might be able to take care of it somewhat. Well, it happened, a cute, cute cute beagle, just like he wanted, and it was even free, a rescue. Sweet little dog, a few minor neuroses, nothing major. Well, the pup got attached to me, and my son began to hate the puppy. Now, my son is 14, and the pup is a dog, and they’ve become frenemies, if not totally friends, and get along ok most of the time. My son has started to pet it and snuggle a little, and does not kick it too much or too hard, just an occasional playful shove with his foot. The puppy only peed in his bed once, which is what she does if she’s mad at you. If she’s really upset, she does #2 on your pillow. She did that to me once, and to the lady who stole her. That was lucky, because it convinced the lady who stole her that she wasn’t really as sweet and nice as she looked, and she called us to come get her. She also wanted me to pay to have her furniture washed. I told her I would, picked up the dog, saw that she had cut off the tags and thrown away the tag with all the owner info (she said she called the sherriff to find our number!?), so I didn’t clean her poopy mattress or whatever, since she had intended to keep her before she pooped up her bed.

  4. oh, thanks for subscribing to my blog. I didn’t intend it for children, but I will know now children see it. The cartoon about Nazi’s and the New Yorker magazine that I drew… that was meant to show how banal evil is. We know many of the top SS had doctorates, and were chosen on the basis of their education and excellent characters. And they were the most ruthless of all the Nazi henchmen. The two SS in my cartoon are like that…sophisticated, bored with their mindless assignments, but committed to the job. They have the same upper class savoir faire and genteel ennui we see in many of the New Yorker cartoons, but they are engaged in the most horrendous evil. Many of these high-ranking SS Nazi’s were just that way.

  5. David,

    Thank you for liking my blog “arnnarn” and becoming a follower. I hope you enjoy the posts that will be coming up.
    I visited your blog and especially like the youtube on “Bloopers.” Keep up the good work.

  6. Bird says:

    All human beings are a little freaky, whether they want to acknowledge it or not!

  7. bigron42 says:

    I’m just a guy with a limerick reply…

    A unicorn is something so rare,
    I often ask for one in prayer;
    A great big eye,
    A horn up high,
    When I see one I’ll be prepared.

    Compliments of Humorous Interludes

  8. sandrabranum says:

    I lost my dog to my dad as you read from my post “Travel… Me?”. Sometimes you just can’t predict people’s or animal’s attachments.

  9. Sue Swift/Suz deMello says:

    I adore questionable interests. The more questionable an interest, the more I like it!

  10. Here’s to having the courage to love what you love. Good for you!

  11. Hey, just be the very best version of yourself….cheers! Wendy

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